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More than 30 Years We provide Oriental, Modern, Antique Rug Cleaning Service and Repair, Boca Raton area. For more please call Today!

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Area Rug Cleaning Boca Raton

Area Rug Cleaning Service

Area rug cleaning service Boca raton is the service our rug cleaning operation has been performing for nearly thirty years and look forward to the next 30 years. We all love our pets and I can say people in Boca Raton love to pamper their dogs. We have a few clients up there that have a silk hand knotted rug for the dog to lay on and they have it cleaned often.

Since we are a professional rug cleaning operation servicing Boca Raton we are expert stain removers. We are able to removal the most difficult stain and we are very proud of our odor removal process.

Please when you think of a rug cleaning service give us a call. We have made hundreds of videos which you can see on our youtube channel. You will see that we are the source for rug cleaning and that we have earned the right to be the leading rug cleaning experts in South Florida.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning, Rug Repair, Pet Odor Removal Service Boca Raton

Rug Color Correction Boca Raton

Rug Color Correction
Boca Raton

So you might have a rug in you house that the colors have bled into each other, perhaps from a carpet cleaner steam cleaning a rug in your house or ever...

Rug Padding Service Boca Raton

Rug Padding Service
Boca Raton

All rugs should have rug padding under it. It makes the rug feel bouncier and plus the wear and tear goes on the padding not the fiber. We sell a lot of custom...

Pet Odor Removal Boca Raton

Pet Odor Removal
Boca Raton

Pet odor removal services in Boca Raton is us! Yep, we guarantee pet odor removal and a lot of our daily cleaning is pet odor removal. This is one of our...

Rug Repair & Restoration Boca Raton

Rug Repair & Restoration
Boca Raton

Rug repair and restoration specialist Boca Raton is us. We have many years of experience and all the tools and knowledge to be able to to do rug...

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